CrossFit and goals

This short post will give you some things to consider around specific goals and CrossFit.

Strength goals – Lift like a boss with relentless determination and eat to support your training and muscle growth. If doing met-cons, don’t try to hammer yourself to CrossFit games standard speed. You only have so much energy. Unless you’ve decided you want to be a CrossFit competitor (See below). Obsess about getting strong.

Bodyfat goals – Monitor calories in a deficit and train/move regularly. Take pictures, write down your goal and stick it where you can see it. Assess and re-assess. Don’t worry about lifting like an absolute boss (as above). Yes, train heavy, but shift your focus and drive to nutrition. Moderate intensities with enough movement throughout the rest off there day will be more effective than going hard in class and sitting for the rest of the day.

Training for your mental health – Your priorities here are – consistency, progression, the art of conversation, smiling, laughing and you guessed it – training with moderate intensity. Leave your phone in your bag during training time. Make the effort with people wherever possible. Focus on loving yourself, you are amazing. Get outdoors and breathe.

Niggley injuries – Srtop convincing yourself that you’re over that injury when you’re not. Remember that your speciality is probably not physical rehabilitation so you don’t get the luxury of waiving those hours of rest, mobility and stability. Spend the money needed to see professionals, Physio, MRI etc. etc. Focus on injury prevention and movement quality.

CrossFit competitor – Talk to a good coach and accept the reality check if it comes. Consider joining a different gym with a strong CrossFit  competition culture. We support our competitive clients but we’re more focused on long term health.

Thanks for reading guys – Coach Eamonn Boylan MSc, CF-L3

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