10 tips for a CrossFit beginner

1-Nutrition is super important in any health journey. Simple, sustainable changes are great. (Minimize sugar, alcohol etc.) A massive life shift with new training Programmes, a new bike to do 200k per week and a super strict nutrition regime may not be sustainable. Slow and steady with the right support is a tried and tested method.

2-Set some realistic, achievable goals and track them regularly.

3- Try to minimize reading so many different articles on fat blasting, home workouts etc. You will fry your brain and get so confused that you might end up giving up before you start. Action is key.

4-Give your body time to adapt. Going straight from sedentary to training hard every day is probably too much for you. Understand D.O.M.S and recovery. Get assessed by a good Coach.

5-Focus on form and technique and the rest will follow. (Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity)

6-Strength training and working on movement are high priority.

7-Invest in some basic equipment. A decent pair of runners etc. This will help you with the identity change that you’re making if you’re starting from scratch.

8-When doing the maths about how much your PT or CrossFit is costing you don’t be so quick to decide on how ‘expensive’ it is. Think long and hard about how much you value your health and longevity. Add up how much other things like nights out etc cost and weigh up the numbers. Think about your own personal “why” and asses what you need to do to support it.

9-Remember – good fitness professionals dedicate their life to making sure that you’re in good hands. Be a student. Open your mind and get to work.

10-Last but not least. Don’t worry if you fall off the wagon. Just get back on ASAP. It happens. If and when you finally do find that place that facilitates you in enjoying your fitness journey rather than finding it a chore, this won’t be an issue! Believe in yourself just as much as we will.

Thanks for reading – Coach Eamonn Boylan MSc, CF-L3

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